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Frobel Independent School is a ‘good’ school in all aspects, Ofsted September 2022

Frobel Independent School is a ‘good’ school in all aspects, Ofsted September 2022 

85% of Tuition GCSE English and Maths re-sit students achieved Grade 5 or above in both GCSE English and Maths in 2023.  In our 2024 mocks, 72% of our tutees achieved grade 7+

Frobel STEM programme is enjoying meteoric success with 99% of students successfully enrolled to study degree courses.

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We are set in the East End of London. Our businesses include an 11-16 Independent School, Tuition Centre, specialist STEM provision, a private Exam Centre, Creative and Sports’ Clubs, and On-line Learning.  We are committed to ‘formulas for success’ and set high standards for our students and staff.  Our student outcomes are impressive, and down to the hard work and commitment of our students, families and staff.  We welcome learners from Year 1 to Year 13 to our tuition centres and STEM laboratories, Years 7 – 11 to our independent school, and private exam candidates from around the world to our exam centre.

Wendy Bower

Deputy CEO and Executive Head of Frobel Education

Our Formula for Success is achieved with our ‘Elements’…

Tc = Tuition Centre

Our tuition centres offer highly focussed professional environments, and high impact specialist tutors

Is = Independent School

A secondary school that achieves happiness and success for all its students.

Ec = Exam Centre

Frobel private exam centre is open to students from around the world. Our expert teachers specialise in all major exam boards, nationally and internationally.

Ol = Online Learning

Fully supervised world class on-line tutoring for international and long-distance students.


Explore science and technology beyond boundaries, in our specialist STEM laboratory for students in years 7 – 13!

P = Post 16

Forge your pathway and ambitions in our highly professional post-16 Centres.

Our Core Values

Aspiration | Belonging | Integrity | Fortitude | Respect

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Frobel visit to RAF heritage Centre

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Application Process

Baseline Assessment

For both school and tuition, students complete baseline assessments before beginning their courses. This helps to inform our planning and curriculum preparation.


Admission forms need to be completed prior to admission to school or tuition services. Admission forms for school and tuition are available on our website.

Our Exam Centre is registered for all exam boards and welcomes local, national and international candidates. Our specialist STEM Centre provides practical exams and endorsements for candidates who are taking Science GCSE and/or A Level exams.

For admission to Tuition, a member of our team will meet with parents/carers to guide them through the centre’s recommendations based on the results of their child’s baseline assessment.

For admission to Frobel Independent School, the Head of School will meet with prospective parents and students to guide them through the school’s admission process.


The registration process is complete once the admission’s form has been accepted by managers at Frobel Education and the required fees have been paid.